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Principles of the Biomedical Sciences

Valees# 14252A001

Credits: 1 1/4 per year

Grades: 9-12

FVCC Course Fee: $30

* Textbook and supplies; this includes cost for safety
goggles, will cost an additional $25.00 (subject to change based on enrollment)


Human Body Systems

Valees# 14251A001

Credits: 1 1/4 per year

Grades: 10-12

FVCC Course Fee: $30

* Textbook and supplies; this includes cost for safety goggles, will cost an additional $25.00 (subject to change based on enrollment)

Medical Interventions

Valees# TBD

Credits: 1 1/4 per year

Grades: 11, 12

FVCC Course Fee: $30


Biomedical Innovation


Credits: 1 1/4 per year

Grades: 12

FVCC Course Fee: $30


Instructor Info


Janelle McCornack

630.365.5113 Ext.71716

Project Lead the Way: Biomedical


Program Description

The Fox Valley Career Center’s Biomedical Sciences Program is a sequence of four courses which follow the proven Project Lead the Way program’s hands-on, real-world problem-solving approach to learning. Students explore the concepts of human medicine and are introduced to bioinformatics, including mapping and analyzing DNA. Through activities, like dissecting of a heart, students examine the processes, structures and interactions of the human body - often playing the role of biomedical professionals to solve mysteries. They also explore the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease working



• Are interested in a career in health sciences or research

• Love to solve real-world problems

• Are interested in medical technology

• Are interested in public health issues


Principles of the Biomedical Sciences (PBS)

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Successful completion of competencies in appropriate courses as determined by the instructor.

1 Credit

VALEES #: 14252A001

Students investigate the human body systems and various health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, sickle-cell disease, hypercholesterolemia and infectious diseases. They determine the factors that led to the death of a fictional person, and investigate lifestyle choices and medical treatments that might have prolonged the person’s life. The activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, medicine, research processes and bioinformatics. Key biological concepts including homeostasis, metabolism, inheritance of traits and defense against disease are embedded in the curriculum. Engineering principles including the design process, feedback loops and the relationship of structure to function are also incorporated. This course is designed to provide an overview of all the courses in the Biomedical Sciences Program and lay the scientific foundation for subsequent courses.* Textbook and supplies will cost approximately $15.00. Fee: $30


Human Body Systems (HBS)

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Principles of Biomedical Sciences.

1 Credit

VALEES #: 14251A001

Students examine the interactions of human body systems as they explore identity, power, movement, protection, and homeostasis. Exploring science in action, students build organs and tissues on skeletal models, use data acquisition software to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration, and take on the roles of biomedical professionals to solve real-world medical cases.* Textbook and supplies will cost approximately $25.00. FVCC Course Fee: $30


Medical Interventions (MI) (not offered 24-25)

Grades: 11, 12 Prerequisite: Human Body Systems

1 Credit

VALEES #: 14254A001

Students follow the life of a fictitious family as they investigate how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Students explore how to detect and fight infection; screen and evaluate the code in human DNA; evaluate cancer treatment options; and prevail when the organs of the body begin to fail. Through cases, students learn about a range of interventions related to immunology, surgery, genetics, pharmacology, medical devices, and diagnostics.* FVCC Course Fee: $30


Biomedical Innovation (BI) (not offered 24-25)

(Available beginning with the 2017-2018 school year)

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Completion of all Biomedical Sciences Foundation Courses

1 Credit

VALEES #: 14299A001

In the final course of the Biomedical Science sequence, students build on the knowledge and skill gained from previous courses to design innovative solutions of the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century. Students address topics ranging from public health and biomedical engineering to clinical medicine and physiology. Students have the opportunity to work on an independent research project with a mentor or advisor from a university, medical facility, or research institution.* FVCC Course Fee: $30


*Course description courtesy of Project Lead the Way

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