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Welcome to Fox Valley Career Center

This Course Guide has been prepared to provide students and

parents/guardians information about Fox Valley Career Center

(FVCC) programs. It describes the Career Center’s procedures,

services, program descriptions and recognition awards.


Information has been prepared to help each student become fully

aware of the many opportunities available at Fox Valley Career Center.


The Fox Valley Career Center can help students:

  • Explore and make decisions about careers they may pursue in the future
  • Make a successful transition to 4-year colleges, community colleges, technical or trade schools, or become successful employees
  • Acquire basic employability skills that will prepare students for employment opportunities

General Information


High school students register with their home school counselor. Guidelines concerning admissions to our programs are established by each member high school. When students complete a program at FVCC, they receive a certificate of completion and earn credit toward graduation from their high school.


Career Placement Services

The Center’s career placement services function is to provide students with information and employment skills that will assist them with their education and career plans along with assisting them in securing temporary, part-time, or full-time employment. Job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships are coordinated through our career placement coordinator.



Students may enroll in classes usually earning 2 ½ -3 credits per year. FVCC also offers off-campus internships and apprenticeships in advanced level classes during which the student spends time in his/her career specialty in the workplace.


Satellite Programs

“Satellite” programs are off-campus programs taught at sites other than Fox Valley Career Center. Other schools and industrial sites may be selected for such programs to provide a more centralized location, access to facilities for FVCC students which are not available on-campus, and make more efficient utilization of staff, equipment and facilities. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to these programs. Session schedules may vary depending on home school or industrial location schedules.


School Day

Currently, there are three daily sessions during the school year:

  • 1st Session - 7:45 - 9:25 AM
  • 2nd Session - 9:30 - 11:10 AM
  • 3rd Session - 11:15 AM - 12:55 PM

*Off-campus classes have different schedules in order to accommodate student travel times.


Support Services

Fox Valley Career Center provides a wide range of career guidance counseling services and support services for students. A guidance coordinator is available who works with the student and the student’s home school counselor to meet each student’s unique and individual vocational, occupational and career needs.


Individuals With Special Needs

Individuals with disabilities should notify the Director’s office at (630) 365-5113 if they have a disability which will require special assistance or services and, if so, what services are required. This notification should occur as soon as possible before the school-sponsored function, program or meeting.


Internships and Job Shadowing

Students attending programs through Fox Valley Career Center may be given an opportunity to go off campus and see what the world of business is all about. This involves hands-on experiences, problem solving techniques, improvement of writing and communication skills, and learning specific job skills necessary to be successful in today’s job market.


Students will be chosen to take part in job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships based on the recommendations of their instructors, counselors, career placement coordinator, employers, and most importantly, the desire of the student to participate in these programs. In the 21st century work-place, employers are looking for young men and women who have developed their skills and can exhibit those skills in job situations.



Internships may take place during the students’ regularly scheduled FVCC classes or during non-FVCC school hours either on campus or off campus. If the internship takes place during the student’s class time, the intern may be released from the Fox Valley Career Center program for two or three days a week to be at the business site. The scheduled time an internship takes place during non-FVCC school hours will be determined by the program instructor, career placement coordinator and employer. The internship may be for a nine week period, semester, or in some cases may last the entire school year. An internship may only be permitted with the consent of the FVCC program instructor and the career placement coordinator.


As part of their internship, students are required to work with their instructor to complete a training plan. The intern will also be required to keep a daily diary, monthly wage (when applicable)/hourly report, and a final evaluation of his or her training experience. These requirements will be monitored by the career placement coordinator. The business employer will also give a final evaluation of the student’s performance.


The program instructor, career placement coordinator, and/or business representative may terminate an internship at any time if the student is not fulfilling internship requirements and obligations. Interns may or may not be paid for their services. No additional credit will be earned for an internship.


Job Shadowing

Job shadowing gives FVCC students an opportunity to observe a business and receive information about that business from the employer. This opportunity usually takes place during the time the student would normally be attending Fox Valley Career Center. This experience will help the student make educated decisions about career choices as well as about schools they would like to attend for further education after high school.


Students will be contacted by the Career Placement Coordinator about “shadowing” opportunities. If a student is interested in the opportunity, he or she will then complete the “shadowing” form and return the completed form at least three days before the scheduled experience. Once a student has completed the “shadowing” experience, he or she should turn in a report on what they observed during the “shadowing” experience to their instructor.


Student Awards

Students enrolled in classes at Fox Valley Career Center are eligible to win recognition for achievement in several ways; as individuals, as a member of a class, and as a school. The following provides a brief description of the various honors which are available. It does not include the many scholarships which students may receive from private technical schools or colleges.


Achievement Award

This award program reinforces important employability skills and gives special recognition to all FVCC students who not only complete Career Center programs but also:


  • Earn at least a “B” average in their program or course
  • Have a 95% attendance or better
  • Have not had any discipline problems


National Technical Honor Society

Students that qualify for the NTHS membership are nominated by their instructors/counselors. Students must have an overall 3.0 high school (B) average including the first semester of this school year (5th/7th semester GPA). Students must also have a 4.0 grade point in their vocational program area at the end of the 5th/7th semester. Students must be enrolled in a sequence of classes in vocational-technical subject areas. Students qualify by having no unexcused absences through their attendance office. Students cannot have any discipline referrals from their dean’s office or Fox Valley Career Center.


Program Completion Certificate

Each student who successfully completes a FVCC program receives a certificate of completion at the end of the school year.


Student of the Month

The Fox Valley teachers developed this award to give recognition to students who are working hard and achieving positive results in their specialty programs.


Each instructor may select one student per month, or in unusual circumstances, two students. A student may only be selected one time during the school year.


Home school principals are notified so the student’s name may be read over the intercom, and a letter is sent to the student’s parents acknowledging the achievement of the student. A picture of the student is placed in Fox Valley’s hall display case along with a quote from the teacher describing the student’s accomplishments.


Each student receives a special certificate of recognition and a gift certificate to McDonald’s or Subway.


Student of the Year Scholarship

The Fox Valley staff presents the Student of the Year with a plaque and $500 that will be sent to the college or trade school of the student’s choice to help offset expenses incurred in their continuing education. Each class at Fox Valley may nominate an outstanding student. These nominees complete a written information form and are evaluated on their knowledge, character, attendance, cooperation and activities. The top ten nominees are interviewed by a panel of school board members from each of the six member school districts. The plaque and scholarship are presented at the honors assembly of the winning student’s school.


SkillsUSA Competitions

Each year many students join the Fox Valley Career Center SkillsUSA student organization in order to participate in local, regional, state and national activities. Among these activities are competitions which are specifically related to each career field covered at Fox Valley Career Center. Over the years, Fox Valley Career Center SkillsUSA members have earned numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place regional, state and national awards.


Other Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available to students at Fox Valley Career Center. Some scholarships are offered through professional organizations, local civic groups, and different schools in program speciality areas. Check with the Fox Valley Career Center guidance counselor for further details.


College Credit for FVCC Classes

Waubonsee Community College & Kishwaukee College

Waubonsee Community College awards college credit when learning experiences at the high school level duplicate those at the college level. Articulated credit enables students to receive advanced placement, to save time and money, and avoid duplication of curriculum already learned in high school. Students must earn an A or B in the high school class and apply for credit within two years after graduation. Following is a list of courses at FVCC for which articulated credit can be earned. See your guidance counselor or career/technical instructor for the “College Credit Articulation Forms.” For a complete list of requirements call the VALEES office at (630)466-2474 or visit their web site at

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College and Fox Valley Career Center, based upon our mutual concern for the continued growth of students who wish to pursue career/technical and academic education, and in an effort to provide a continuing articulated program that builds on past learning experiences and eliminates unnecessary duplication of instruction, mutually subscribe to the following: Students who complete each semester of high school course(s) listed below with a “B” or better final grade will be granted college credit for Elgin Community College. High school students who complete the FVCC courses will have learned and be able to demonstrate proficiency in the Elgin Community College course(s) Learning Outcomes and Topical Outline Summary. A student must become a registered student at Elgin Community College within 27 months following high school graduation. Following is a list of courses at FVCC for which articulated credit can be earned. See your guidance counselor or career/technical instructor for the “College Credit Articulation Forms.” For a complete list of requirements call the Elgin tech prep office at (847) 214-7584 or visit their web site at

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