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Electrician I

Valees# 17102A001

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 11,12

Fee: $45.00


Electrician II

Valees# 17102A002

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 12

Fee: $45.00


Instructor Info


Clay Hansen

(630)365-5113 X 71645


Electrical Systems


Program Description

The Electrical Systems program is designed to help students decide if they would like to pursue a career

in the electrical field such as an electrician, HVAC technician, alarm systems specialist or automation. Students who do well in this program are very desirable in the work force. Some students have even gone on to own their own electrical contracting businesses. The demand for qualified electricians is growing, and so is the pay. Students will learn residential wiring including outlets, switches, 3 and 4 way switches disconnects and breaker panels. Considerable time will be spent reading Schematics, understanding blueprints and studying NEC and local codes. Courses are 80% hands on and 20% book work.

Industry and Professional Certifications that students are able to earn are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 608 Universal Refrigerant Certification as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)10.


This program is for you if you:

  • Enjoy working with your hands and power tools

  • Like to assemble and build

  • Desire to work in the building trades

  • Are self motivated and can work as part of a team or alone

  • Have good hand-eye coordination, mathematical and problem solving skills

  • Are interested in pursuing a career in the electrical field

  • Are interested in becoming an electrician

  • Consider studying Engineering



Grades: 11, 12 Prerequisite: None, but a solid math background is very helpful. 2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 17102A001

The primary focus Electrical Systems I is residential wiring. The course covers a variety of wiring practices involving the use of Romex cable and conduit to construct most of the lighting and receptacle outlet circuits found in modern homes. The course also includes units on basic DC electrical circuits, magnetic motor control circuits and components, National electrical Code rules, blueprint reading, and circuit breaker panel wiring. Students must supply their own safety glasses and steel toe shoes/boots. Fee: $30.00.



Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Electrician I and teacher recommendation.

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 17102A002

The Electrical Systems II course is an extension of the Electrical Systems I course with a heavy emphasis residential HVAC with the goal of passing the EPA 608 refrigeration certification exam. Most projects will require conduit bending and circuits that are more

complex. Students will learn the basics of installing a residential split A/C system. The course will also include work on 220 volt circuit breaker panel wiring as well as more detailed blueprint reading. The students will design, analyze data, and complete a class project that will incorporate what they have learned to date. Students must supply their own safety glasses and steel toe shoes/boots. Fee: $30.00.





You could qualify for a position such as:

Apprentice Electrician

Electrical Repairer

Manufacturing Tester



You could qualify for a position such as:

Apprentice Electrician

Electrical Control Assembler

Electrical Technician

HVAC Technician

Refrigeration Technician

Automation installer

Alarm systems Technician



You could qualify for a position such as:

Electrical Engineer

Design Engineer

Research Engineer

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