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Automotive Technology I

Valees# 20104A001

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 11,12

Fee: $45.00


Automotive Technology II

Valees# 20104A002

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 12

Fee: $45.00


Instructor Info

Russell Wendling

(630)365-5113, Ext. 71712

Automotive Technologies


Program Description

Automotive Technology students have the opportunity to develop skills necessary to obtain employment in the automobile industry. An automobile technician services and repairs mechanical, electrical, and computer driven parts on different types of automotive equipment. After making necessary inspections and tests to determine the cause of the faulty operation, the technician then replaces the defective parts to restore the vehicle to the proper operating condition. Students may have the opportunity to take industry-recognized ASE certification exams.


Automotive Technology I

Grades: 11, 12

Prerequisite: None. Any previous Industrial Technology course recommended.

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 20104A001

Automotive Technology I introduces a student to the wide field of auto repair. The class is divided into four main areas of study: brakes; steering and suspension; electrical; and engine repair and computer controls. Students will receive classroom instruction and time in lab to complete hands on repairs to vehicles. Students will also be instructed on how to locate service data, determine what is important and use that information to troubleshoot and repair automobiles. Students must supply their own safety glasses and steel toe shoes/boots. Tools will be provided. 

FVCC Course Fee: $45.00


Automotive Technology II

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Automotive Technology I and teacher recommendation.

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 20104A002

Automotive Technology II is an extension of Automotive Technology I. While the focus is still on the four main areas of study from Auto I, the course is project based, and students are allowed input into what topics are covered. Students are encouraged to suggest or bring in their own projects and are given more time in the lab to complete larger repairs. However, all projects must be approved by the instructor. Students must supply their own safety glasses and steel toe shoes/boots. Tools will be provided. 

FVCC Course Fee:$45.00



Qualifying positions for completion of the following programs include:


FVCC Automotive Program

  • Auto Technician Apprentice

  • Parts Counter Trainee

  • Tire Service Technician

  • Auto Service Trainee


Associate of Applied Science

  • Auto Technician

  • Automatic Transmission Rebuilder

  • Automotive Repair Service Estimator

  • Certified Auto Technician

  • Insurance Claim Adjuster

  • Service Manager

  • Diesel Technician


Baccalaureate Degree

  • Insurance Claim Manager

  • Dealership Service Manager

  • Dealership Sales Manager

  • Design Researcher

  • Manufacturer’s Representative

  • Auto/Diesel Instructor

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