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Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice

Valees# 15051A003

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 11/12

Fee: $25.00


Instructor Info


Mike Huston

(630)365-5113 (ext. 72115)



Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement

Program Description

Students will learn about the philosophy of law enforcement and criminal justice systems. The organization of local, state, and federal agencies and their jurisdictions will be discussed. In addition, students will also survey professional career opportunities and qualifications. Areas addressed will include patrolling and record keeping. This program allows students the opportunity to learn essential knowledge for preparedness to work in policing but does not cover the professional course that leads to police licensing.


This program is for you if you:

  • Are interested in a career in law enforcement/criminal justice

  • Are a social person who likes to work with people

  • Are detail-oriented

  • Are able to work under stress

  • Are able to make sound judgments


Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement I

Grade: 11/12

Prerequisite: Criminal background check might be required.

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 15051A003

Programs in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice are designed to prepare people for careers in federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, in correctional agencies and institutions, and in private security agencies. Students will be introduced to the criminal justice system, local, state and federal agencies and their jurisdiction responsibilities. Communication skills, observation, reporting and record keeping as they pertain to law enforcement will be studied. Students will also be introduced to patrolling and field operations. Students will be involved in interviewing techniques, preliminary investigations, police security, pursuit and arrest. Students will be introduced to additional training for people already involved in law enforcement administration, correctional administration, forensic science, and security management. Students study the roles and activities of people with regard to maintaining law and order, providing services, protecting lives and property, and conducting administration, planning and research. Students may participate in off-campus activities such as demonstrations and tours.

Fee: $25.00 + book

Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement II

Grade: 11/12

Prerequisite: Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement I and Teacher Recommendation

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 15051A004

The Law Enforcement II course is an extension of the Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement I course with a heavy emphasis on report writing, crime scene investigating and processing, and patrolling and field operations. There is also a major overview and analysis of the juvenile justice system in the United States covering the history and the philosophies of society’s reaction to juvenile behavior and problems. Interaction among the police, judiciary, and corrections are examined within the context of cultural influences. Theoretical perspectives of causation and control are introduced. Students will be introduced to the Diversion program and Operation Snowball. Upon successful completion of the program the student will be able to: clearly understand the framework of the juvenile justice system. Students will finish the second half of the year in the field of Corrections. This area will include the overview and analysis of the United States correctional system covering the history, evolution, and philosophy of punishment and treatment; operation and administration in institutional and non-institutional settings, and issues in constitutional law. Students will identify the structure and operations in the correctional system for adults and youth.

Fee: $25.00 + book





You could qualify for a position such as:

Security Personnel

Investigation Technician

Compliance Officer



You could qualify for a position such as:

Corrections Officer

Police Officer




You could qualify for a position such as:



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