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Directed Studies Information


Grade: Typically 12th Grade

Prerequisite: Successful completion of competencies in appropriate courses as determined by the instructor.

2-1/2 Credits


The Directed Study program is for students who have completed or are completing course work in an approved program at Fox Valley Career Center. Students enrolled in this program have the opportunity to participate in advanced learning and experiences in occupations provided through private and public sector internships or community college course work supported by the local school district. An education plan is developed which addresses individual student career goals. This course can be repeated with credits awarded at 1.25/semester. Students enrolled in secondary programs may earn both secondary and community college credit. Fee: varies based on program


Any transportation required for participation in this program is the responsibility of the student. In many cases, regular schedules will have to be adjusted for participation and travel times if activities are scheduled during school hours.


Directed Study


Credits: .5 per semester

Grades: Typically 12th Grade

Fee: None


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