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PC Maintenance, Repair and Networking

Valees# 10252A002

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 11,12

Fee: $30.00 plus a required kit that will average between $20 and $40 subject to manufacturer’s cost.


Game Programming and Technologies

Valees# 10152A002

Credits: 2-1/2

Grades: 11,12

Fee: $30.00 plus a required USB flash drive (512MB) that will cost approximately $40.

Instructor Info

Danielle Wukitsch

(630)365-5113 (ext. 71721)


Computer Technology

Program Description

Students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of computer technology skills. Computer Technology provides many computer related experiences designed for entry into the job market. All students gain practical hands-on knowledge using state-of-the-art computer technology systems.


This program is for you if you:

  • Like to problem solve

  • Enjoy working with your hands and mind

  • Can effectively follow both written and verbal instructions

  • Can assume responsibility

  • Desire a job with good salary and potential for advancement


PC Repair - (COMPTIA A+)

Grades: 11, 12

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 10252A002

Do you like to take things apart, figure things out and experiment with technology?  This course is for you!  We practice the following hands-on skills: soldering, wiring, computer repair, building computers, software installation, and the finer points of Microsoft Windows.  Our goal is to prepare for the Comp TIA A+ Exam. The A+ exam is the industry standard for IT professionals. Other amazing opportunities include field trips, guest speakers, Arduino building/programming, and Lego Robotics. 

Students who compete this class with a grade of B or better can receive credit for Waubonsee College courses. 

FVCC Course Fee:$30.00


Game Programming and Technologies

Grades: 11, 12

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 10152A002

Students who enroll in Game Technologies will study various game genres, purposes and platforms. The class will learn the basics of C# and use this language to create simple games. Students will have an opportunity to experience the many careers associated with game development, including most aspects of game design and development. Professional design documents will be developed, and students will use those documents to create various gaming environments. The more popular game technology tools will be taught, including various game engines and 2D and 3D tools. There will be a unit on Blender as well, and the Unreal engine.

FVCC Course Fee: $30 plus a required USB flash drive.

Cybersecurity (COMPTIA Security+)

Grades: 11, 12

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 21009A001

Students who enroll in Cybersecurity will be studying for the CompTIA Security+ exam. This exam is the industry standard for Cybersecurity professionals.

This course includes simulations and multiple operating systems. The class will study units in; understanding attacks, defense planning, access control, cryptography, network monitoring, security policies, risk management, and social engineering. Our class will also enter Cybersecurity competitions such as US Cyber Challenge. Students will gain hands on knowledge of cybersecurity tools, as well as the opportunity to earn certification for future employment.

FVCC Course Fee: $30 plus a required USB flash drive.





You could qualify for a position such as:

Computer Maintenance Technician

LAN Technician

LAN Administrator

Microcomputer Support Specialist

Web Designer

Web Developer

Game Tester



You could qualify for a position such as:

LAN Technician

Small Business Owner

Computer Operator



You could qualify for a position such as:

Information Systems Analyst

Computer Programmer

Network Engineer

IT Manager

eCommerce Specialist

Security Specialist

Game Programmer

Game Designer

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